for publishers

Admixer Growth Stack for Publishers

We bring technology and business together
so you can maximize your website's monetization

Our core business is the wealth of publishers

Full-scale ad platform

Combine the delivery of different ad formats: display, video, rich media, teasers and mobile ads.

Holistic approach

Implement your monetization strategy through the wide range of our integrations and partnerships with world-class buyers via RTB and Header Bidding.

Global presence

20k+ publishers have decided to work with us!
Our data centers are placed all over the world.
We support different payment methods.

Make sales on the global marketplace

Monetize your traffic through Admixer AdEx.

Access direct deals
with advertisers, 100+ DSPs and multiple Header Bidders.
Our dedicated team will help you sell each
impression for the highest price.
7+ years
of industry expertise
12+ bln
ads delivered monthly
20k+ direct publishers
that trust us
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