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Admixer Ad Network solution

Holistic SaaS solution for advertising networks creation and management

Build your PREMIUM Ad network with an ecosystem of DIRECT publishers and advertisers by offering complete ad management solutions for their own needs

Network infrastructure

Network infrastructure
Add first publishers, set up your Network commission and start earning money immediately!
Suites for all cases!
Easy-start for your ad network business

Exceptional ease of implementation and management. Easy start of your business is guaranteed by connecting to reliable programmatic monetization sources — you concentrate on building your network, we provide a primary monetization.

Switch to modern and secure technology

If you already own ad network but your tech platform is outdated or unreliable, you could easily switch to super-modern and stable Admixer Network — we will help with setup process and provide additional discount for transition period.

Increase profits and effectiveness of your ad network

Can't reach maximum of your network potential? We provide 100% technology infrastructure for all network customers, thus guaranteeing maximum flexibility and utilization! Use our monetization approach to reach maximum profitability and cut technology costs (for netting).

Formats of Ad network

Web-mobile, inapp

Inventory monetization

Monetize your network's inventory most effectively with combination of different sales models

- Product packages (public and private)

- Audience slicing

- Direct deals

- Auction sales

- RTB (programmatic)

- Header bidding

- Waterfall rules for external sources

- Multy-level segmentation

Ad campaigns effectiveness

Magnify performance of network ad campaigns with exact forecasting and detailed effectiveness analysis

- Multiple targeting options and frequency capping

- Monitoring of 100+ KPIs

- Precise forecasting

- Automatic performance optimization

- Flexible system of real-time reports

- Data management platform

- 50+ WOW templates

- Audience targeting

Ultimate interface for intuitive management

Ultimate interface for intuitive management
Detailed help for each possible action
Quickly monitor your revenue
Manage all your publishers and their inventory

Create and sell network
inventory products

All your customers and
campaigns in one section
Real-time enduring reports
Customize your dashboard
Guaranteed performance efficiency
Helpful customer
All interfaces available
at 7 languages
Convenient payment
Custom development
Affordable white-label
Technology — choose a solution you could rely on

Admixer.Network platform is specifically designed to benefit from the capabilities of distributed cloud technologies.

Allocation of our data centers around the globe provides a minimum delay in ads delivery to anywhere.

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