for publishers
Admixer SSP

Offer your inventory to global brands via smart selling and optimization

Increase yield and fill rates by enabling competition
among demand channels

Make sales on the global marketplace.
Monetize your traffic through Admixer AdEx.
Get access to 100+ DSPs and multiple Header Bidders.

Combine the delivery of various ad formats
across all screens
Adapt to all devices
to gain new traffic opportunities
Multi-format support for HTML5
mobile and display, video, native,
rich media, teasers
Support of all video formats
Maintain the quality. Keep to the highest standards.
Control ad quality
Use block and report options
Segment your inventory
Maintain your business reputation
Monitor your income from all sources
and analyze it in detail
Get comprehensive
Check your stats
Use the data for
your benefit
How to Access Admixer SSP
You send us a request
We analyze your site's
compliance with our policy
You set our ad tag
One tag to connect to Admixer AdEx.
See how it works!
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Inventory Access
Select your inventory types
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