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Since its establishment in 2008, Admixer LLC has become the global player in ad serving and ad management industry. Our core business is Publishers’ wealth and our goal is to create an ad serving solutions that simplifies all processes of digital ads management for all sides. Growing from monopolistic local ad network operating thousands of direct publishers and own sales houses, Admixer strives to maintain 360° ad tech consistency
  • Admixer Opened
  • Debut of AdServer for Publishers
  • First customers of the Network solution
  • Behavioral Targeting System Launch
  • Video Advertising Network Launch
  • Leader of the Year among Microsoft Azure Solutions
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Start of Cooperation with Skype
  • Start of Cooperation with Facebook
  • Teaser Advertising Network Launch
  • Russian Office (Mixdigital) Opened
  • Kazakhstan Office Opened
  • London Office Opened
  • Mobile Advertising Network Launch
  • Start of Cooperation with Google Adx
  • Belarus Office opened
  • New Admixer Publisher and Network platforms
  • Admixer Creatives Solution Launch
  • Cooperation with COUB started
  • Admixer AdExchange (RTB-based) Launch
  • Start of Cooperation with DoubleClick
  • Start of Cooperation with Viber
  • Signing of the contract with MRG on VK video
  • Rewarded with DCPM Technology Badge
  • Mobile SDK Launch
  • Header Bidding Implementation
  • Toronto Office Opened
  • Dusseldorf Office Opened
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Our customers serve over 20 billion impressions every month; we support 20K+ publishers using our Adserver and multiple Ad Networks. Our team has grown to over 130 employees and we have not stopped growing, reaching and innovating.

Our executive team

Alexey Boltivets


Yaroslav Kholod

Head of Programmatic

Elena Podshuvejt


Vladimir Zakrevskiy


Eugene Mokin

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